The Leiken Hair SkyCurler™ is the original cordless automatic hair curler helping thousands of woman all over the world. It's the best tool for super-easy, fuss-free, lush, dreamy curls! No messing around with wands, clamps, straightness or other manual tools! Perfect for all hair types, and no experience needed! 10 minutes. 3 simple steps. Long lasting curls.


Prepare your hair with your SkyCurl Comb™ by combing through your hair to de-tangle and remove any stubborn knots. Turn on your SkyCurler™ by pressing and holding the power button until the screen turns on. Press the power button to scroll through the various settings, whilst using the "+/-" adjust button to reach your desired setting. (We recommend starting on 180°C for 8 seconds. "Use the "Left/L" setting for your hair on the right side of your face and the "Right/R" setting on the left side)


Hold your hair up with your SkyClaw Mini™ or Jumbo SkyClaw™. Hold your SkyCurler™ face out and place a section of hair (approx. 2cm/1 inch) into the curling barrel. Press and hold the start button until you hear the beep, then let go of the button. The beeping will continue for the selected timer setting and the barrel will begin to rotate. (number of beeps equals seconds selected for curling)


Leave your hair in the barrel until you hear two quick beeps. Then simply pull your SkyCurler™  away, let the hair fall out and repeat for remaining hair sections. (Run your SkyCurl Comb™  lightly through your hair for a soft, natural finish)

See How To SkyCurl™ for great curling tips!