Can my SkyCurler™ pull my hair?

Absolutely not. Backed by our Zero Hair Catching Guarantee. Our SkyCurlers™ use patented anti-clasping technology to never clasp your hair, ensuring your hair will never get caught. The auto-shut-off mechanism will shut off if you put too much hair into it. Because it doesn't actually hold your hair you can remove your hair safely from the curler at any time (even if the curl has not finished).

Will my SkyCurler™ be damaging for my hair?

Not at all. Our SkyCurlers™ are expertly crafted with an advanced ionic ceramic curling barrel. This allows for optimal heat dispersion to protect your hair from the nasty damage of straighteners and other curlers. The customisable curling settings allow you to pick settings which are just right for your hair type.

Is the SkyCurler™ only for certain hair types?

Not at all. We believe all woman should be able to effortlessly look amazing and feel their best. We know all hair types are unique and no one setting fits all. Our customisable curling timer, direction, and temperature settings cater for all hair types, long, short, thick or thin, straight or curly. Be sure to check out our How To guide for curling tips by hair types.

I don't have much experience curling hair. Will my SkyCurler™ be difficult to use?

Absolutely not. Because of the automated curling action, no curling experience is necessary. Complete beginners become professional stylists in minutes!

Do I still need to straighten my hair before curling?

Absolutely not, our SkyCurlers™ are expertly designed using automated curling action, removing the need for timely hair straightening.